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Frequently asked questions

Why choose FlipEvents ?

Booths have been our sole focus for many years now, which has made us professional, reliable and fun! We use only the best equipment to ensure quality photos and a great photo experience. Our aim is to make your event a success. We have carefully chosen our booth styles and offer you an unparalleled choice to suit all guests and all types of events.

What is included in the hire cost?

We have put together an inclusive bundle to keep things simple, with no hidden extras. That way you know exactly what you are getting for a one-off price. The price we quote you will include travel to your venue. See our package page here

How much space do you need?

Ideally a corner area – or an area about 3metres square is perfect, to allow for any of our booths, plus props, guest book table and comfortable access for guests. In some venues, space will be restricted. If this is the case we will gladly advice the best booth or set up to choose. We always have alternatives and will find something to suit your needs. Don’t be worried if you are offered a space outside of your function room – often this can be the better option for lots of reasons. We will gladly speak to you about any concerns you might have about where to place your booth at your event.

What facilities do you need at the venue?

We will require access to a mains socket. A contact at the venue is always useful, and it is important that you let your venue organiser know we are going to be there, and speak to them about leaving a set up area.

How long does it take to set up?

Our set ups will take around 40 minutes for most booths. Some of our specially dressed booths may take a little longer, and if possible, can be best set up before guests arrive.

How many people can fit into a booth/photo?

Our enclosed booths will comfortably photograph large groups of about 10 (more if they are very friendly! 23 is our record so far! ) – but with any of our open air booths and large backdrop option – there is no need for such a tight squeeze!

Do you supply props or do I bring my own?

We have loads and loads of props for all occasions! If you would like a particular theme, or type of prop, then please let us know in advance. We carry good quality hats, masks, glasses, signs and other hand held props as standard. We do not usually use inflatables or “cheap toy” props, but will gladly do so if requested. And of course, if you do not like or want your guests to use props in their photos, then just let us know in advance.

Do you stay with the booth throughout the event?

Yes. Our Flip attendants will stay with the booth throughout the hire period, and will help you and your guests get the most out of their fun photo experience.

What area do you cover?

We are based in County Down, and operate throughout the island of Ireland.

Are you insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance. Ask us for a copy certificate if required. All of our electrical equipment is PAT tested to conform with EU safety regulations.

How much deposit do I need to secure my booking?

We ask for £100 GBP or equivalent in euro (if paying in euro) at the time of booking to secure your date and/or chosen booth. We accept payments by bank transfer, Paypal or by post.

What is the Guestbook?

Our guestbooks are a great way to remember your special event. Each guest using the booth will get a copy print for themselves and we will print an extra copy and encourage them to put it in your guestbook with a personal message. We will supply gel pens and glue.

Do you have a choice of backdrops for photos?

We offer a great range of fun, interchangeable backdrops which feature behind guests when posing for their all important snap! See our range of beautiful flower walls, printed and fabric backdrops. We also do bespoke set ups when requested.

Do you offer Green-screen?

Yes, green-screen is standard with our enclosed booths, and can be used with open booths as well instead of a flower wall or printed backdrop. We do not charge extra for green-screen. Green-screen enables guests to choose a digitally imposed background to their photo – they can fly through the air with Superman – be on the cover of their favourite magazine, or visit some of the world’s famous landmarks. The choice is endless! And great fun.

What is a GIF ?

A GIF is an animated photo that can be viewed on both mobile devices and personal computers. Guests simply use the booth as normal, create a sequence of entertaining poses. Photos are then ordered and looped into a unique animation shot. By reversing this process on a “loop”, boomerang gifs can also be created. Pretty cool right? Especially as these can be instantly shared on social media.

Animated GIFs are super on trend right now. Boomerang, Bursts, Slow, Fast, Glitch – we’ve got it all covered!

We offer you the chance to create your own animations and add that extra entertainment factor to your photo booth experience; Once guests have taken their final snaps, they can then share images online using our social media sharing station. As well as providing digital, guests will also receive a printout of their gif photos to take away with them.

What is The Flip Slide?

We are super excited to launch this new product – the Slide works like a bullet time cam to create a matrix impression. Images are captured instantly to give a WOW! 3D effect. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and creates content that guests want to share instantly to social media

So what are Flipbooks?

Our flipbooks are fun photo books with a difference. They are little books that tell a moving story – with images instead of words! Using fun props and effects and interactive green-screen backgrounds, guests star in their own little 10 second movie and turn it into an exciting interactive book – a great way of capturing memories at an event.

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