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The Flippin’ Good Package Price Plan contains everything you need for a comprehensive fun filled photobooth service. We will choose the equipment and set up best suited to your venue and event.

If you wish to reserve one of our luxury booths and full set up of your choice, have a look at the Flippin’ Class Package.

Alternatively you can Pic Your Fav Bits, choose your own budget and the elements that are most important to you and BUILD your own package!

Head over to our FAQ page for further information if you are unsure of anything, or drop us a line for a quote.

Guide prices shown are £stg. or euro equivalent at time of booking and are subject to confirmation of date and venue of event, we may charge a travel fee for venues outside of Co-Down. 


A live social media wall provides interactive activity and is a sure way to engage your audience at your event.

Guests are able to upload photos, gifs, social media posts and text messages which we collate and send to a live digital display.

Guests take selfies with their own mobile phones and connect to our wifi. We then zip the images instantly onto a big screen, and the images are instantly printed (optionally).

Roaming Booths:  We can take our roaming booths around your venue and capture photos and gifs – and zip them all up to the screen.

HASHTAG – With the use of an event hashtag we can also gather content via twitter; instagram; text and email.

Direct from Photobooth or Selfie Mirror – we can send photos and gifs directly to the live digital display.

SELFIE MAZE: To enhance the selfie experience, we provide pop up photo posing zones. Depending on budget and space available at a venue, Selfie Maze can include a number of these zones which are designed for all sizes of events, from small parties to large corporate occasions, and combine all of our favourite booth features such as greenscreen; video and instant social sharing.




Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital and physical mosaics from live event photos in real time. The photos are automatically fetched from photo pods, booths, instagram, twitter, on-site photographers and more. The interactive photo mosaic wall makes everyone at the event part of the bigger picture – literally! Up close you see individual photos – further back, the mosaic is revealed.

Physical Mosaic Set Up : The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board. At the end of the event a beautiful mosaic will be presented to you. A keepsake forever.

Digital Mosaic Set Up: The mosaic generation process is displayed on a large screen T.V. The photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real time with a 3D effect. At the end of the event a beautiful mosaic will be presented to you in digital format.

Weddings and Gala Events and Special Occasions – Weddings are made up of special moments that should be treasured forever. Our mosaic wall is perfect for capturing memorable moments and transforming them into a stunning image of your choice. EVERY GUEST BECOMES A PART OF YOUR SPECIAL WORK OF ART.

Visit our Corporate page for more information on using our Social Media, Selfie Wifi and Photo Mosaic Walls – for corporate and brand use.

Limited Offer

We like to create a package and a set up for individual needs and styles, but to help you decide, here are a few ideas for  weddings and gala occasions – with our -40% INTRODUCTORY offer price on Photo Mosaic Wall package – offer expires 14th February 2020.

For corporate and promotional events please contact us for a quote.

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Option A   AFTER MEAL PACKAGE approx. times 8.30pm.or 9pm  to 11.30pm. Vintage Tripod Booth or Selfie Mirror with Prints for all guests; Gifs/Boomerang with emailing and texting option. Guestbook with extra set of prints for you; Optional choice of 2.5metre Backdrop included. Fun props if required; Personalised designed photo prints.  £369stg. 440euro

Option B  WIFI DAY PACKAGE . Capture all the fun of your day from your guests’ eyes – we can gather in photos from your guests’ own mobile phones (they choose to upload and print) and combine with those from our chosen booths and cameras throughout the day. Includes AFTER MEAL PACKAGE as in Option One above, plus drinks reception session and fun snaps throughout the day.  Via our live T.V. slideshow, guests can receive their requested printouts – AND leave a copy for you in your guestbook as well. You receive a copy of all prints in the guestbook, plus a digital album of photos, video gifs and boomerangs created.  FREE Selfie Postbox on request with this day package, which combines a useful and stylish postbox with a fun photo and video booth.  Option B  Limited Offer Price  £469stg.  550 euro

Option C  PHOTO MOSAIC DAY  PACKAGE . Includes all of the elements in Option B – with the added creation of a beautiful mosaic —a photo of your choice—created from all of the photos gathered in from our booths and your guests throughout the day. Up close—see all your guests, stand back and your photo is revealed! Photos are instantly processed and printed in sticker form and guests can get involved and stick their photo in the appropriate place – the mosaic slowly reveals itself throughout the day. It is a fun way to get guests involved, while creating a really special memento. The size of the finished mosaic is determined by the number of guests/number of photos expected etc.   Option C Limited Offer Price:£500stg.  599euro

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